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What if OSHA Didn’t Exist?

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What if OSHA Didn’t Exist? Sorry to disappoint but OSHA does exist and it’s here to stay. But if OSHA was absent from our lives would we be better off? What would the workplace look like? Would pre-1970 “best-effort” safety practices be sufficient in today’s workplace? Without OSHA would employers sensibly self-impose enough safeguards to keep workers out of harm’s way?

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Are Safety Incentives OK?

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Employers are often in one of two camps when it comes to safety incentives:

  1. Safety is a condition of employment. You are paid to perform your job well and stay injury-free. Your pay is your incentive to stay safe and if you can’t this is not the place for you to work.
  2. Safe behavior needs to be rewarded. None of us wants to get hurt but to perform at a level expected by the employer requires additional effort.  Recognizing that effort reinforces desired good behavior.

Several years ago OSHA came out with a broadcast caution to all employers directing them to be cautious about how they use safety incentives to drive safety performance goals.  Read More

How Will You Track Safety Performance in 2018?

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Were you satisfied with your organization’s safety performance in 2017? Regardless of your answer to that question, allow me to challenge you with this question—how do you know?

It is critical to evaluate and understand how you are measuring success vs. failure of your safety program—are you only paying attention to injuries, recordables, and lost-time incidents and other lagging indicators?  Read More

OSHA Record Keeping in Minnesota: 3 Things to Know in 2018

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Are you confused about Minnesota OSHA record keeping? How about electronic reporting requirements? You’re not alone. Here are three things construction companies need to know about Minnesota OSHA record keeping going into 2018.

  1. Minnesota OSHA has yet to adopt the federal injury and illness reporting rule which went into effect January 1, 2017 – As such, Minnesota establishment operations do NOT currently need to file electronically.  The federal rule requires employers of 250 employees, and certain other establishments, to submit OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 information electronically.           Read More
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