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Rooftop Safety Management

Hilmerson Safety ensures zero accidents when working at heights

Protecting your workers from fall hazards during routine rooftop maintenance takes a comprehensive approach to fall protection.

At Hilmerson Safety Services we will work with you to survey your rooftop, understand your unique challenges, and develop a site specific plan to protect your workers and avoid costly OSHA fines. Our rooftop surveys provide the following:

  • Identification of fall hazards based on required work activities. Examples are working from ladders, elevated location such as mezzanine areas, roofs, on top of mechanical equipment and boilers, leading edges, etc.
  • Establish Safe Zones for roof work.
  • Develop written policies and procedures to mitigate fall hazard exposures.
  • Locate and identify equipment within roof Danger Zones.
  • Plot equipment on CAD (computer-aided design) and establish procedures for performing maintenance and construction activities with the Danger Zones.
  • Provide various fall prevention solutions to meet your specific needs.
  • Develop a competitive cost estimate for Fall Prevention Solutions.
  • Assist with obtaining an OSHA grant where application to subsidize the cost for implementing Fall Prevention Solutions.
  • Provide all equipment and install according to manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Conduct Fall Hazard Training and Education.

All Guard Rails meet and exceed OSHA Regulation Compliance:

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