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Hilmerson Barrier Fence System

The Hilmerson Barrier Fence System is a simple solution for common construction problem. If you own and use concrete j/f barriers for perimeter security on your construction sites, this solution is for you. The Hilmerson Barrier Fence System will simplify attaching fence panels to barriers, prevent recurring damage to your barriers, and install quickly and easily. It will also allow large general contractors to bring fence panel installation in house saving time and money.

The Problem

Owning concrete barriers for job site perimeter security and subcontracting fence panel installs can create a number of problems. Cost, scheduling, and availability of rented perimeter fence can all affect your projects. Also, the common way fence panels are currently being attached to your barriers will damage and degrade the barriers over time.

The Solution

The Hilmerson Barrier Fence System is a reusable paneled fence solution designed specifically to mount to j-barriers and f-barriers for job site security.

  • Mounting brackets install quickly using drop in anchors that you only install once.
  • Fence panels attach to mounting brackets with a simple post and set screw.
  • Easy panel on/off protects your concrete barriers from repeated damage.
  • Hilmerson Barrier Fence System allows you to deploy and install on your own schedule and recoup the cost of perimeter protection.

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