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Hilmerson Safety Rail System™

Reusable Engineered Guardrail for the Construction Industry.
Installs in Minutes, Not Hours.

  • Lean: 100% Reusable Galvanized Steel
  • Fast: 200 Feet Installs in Under an Hour
  • Versatile: Deploy as a Weighted or Anchored System
  • Safe: Engineered to Exceed OSHA Requirements
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Reuse the rail system when your project completes


When a project completes, the guardrail system is easily disassembled, palleted and reused or re-rented for the entire life of the product.

Once implemented, the rail system requires no ongoing maintenance.

Zero Ongoing Maintenance

Once implemented, the Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ requires no ongoing maintenance. The engineered galvanized steel guardrails are built to last and exceed OSHA requirements.

Install up to 200ft of rail per hour

Rapid Install

While Wooden 2x4 Guardrails can take days to build and install with skilled labor, the Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ installs as quickly as 200ft/hour with general labor.

Eliminate Inefficiencies, cut costs, stop waste, and improve workplace safety.
Fall Fatalities in the Construction Industry
Falls account for 39% of fatalities in the construction industry & fall protection issues are the most frequently cited OSHA violations.

Safe & Cost Effective

Traditional 2x4 wooden guardrails are obsolete, labor intensive, costly, and typically thrown away at the end of a project. When built poorly, they can give workers a false sense of security and result in up to $126,749 per OSHA violation.

The Hilmerson Safety Guardrail System™ was designed and engineered with feedback from industry experts to reinvent the guardrail to eliminate inefficiencies, cut costs, stop waste and improve workplace safety.

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Install in minutes with a single bolt

Robust anchor plates allow the guardrail to be easily installed on concrete substrates with a single anchor bolt. 200-linear feet of OSHA compliant guardrail can be installed in minutes instead of the hours it takes to construct a wooden equivalent.

Also installs in minutes using our weighted bases

The Hilmerson Safety Rail System is also compatible with our engineered weighted bases that require no penetration or anchors. The weighted bases are a versatile alternative for substrates or surfaces without good anchoring options. The weighted base plates are galvanized construction grade steel that are easily deployed and positioned using our wheeled dolly.

The Hilmerson Safety Rail System features a mobile transport system that makes installation and teardown much easier.

Easy Mobile Transport

The mobile storage cart allows workers to install and tear down hundreds of feet of steel guardrail in minutes instead of hours. Each 10ft x 4ft mobile storage cart is capable of storing twenty 10ft guardrail sections. That is 200 linear feet of engineered guardrail that is quickly visually inspected, easily counted and can be conveniently stored.
The Hilmerson Safety Rail System meets and exceeds all OSHA requirements.

Exceeds OSHA Requirements

The Hilmerson Safety Guardrail System™ is a uniformly engineered system with top-rail, mid-rail, and toe-boards that prevents installation shortcuts and exceeds all OSHA requirements.