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Hilmerson Safety Services, Inc. offers customized industry and site specific workplace violence solutions.




OHSA reports roughly 2,000,000 workers in the United States are affected by some form of workplace violence each year. Sad, but true. HSS offers customized industry and site specific workplace violence solutions that include:
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Workplace Violence
Awareness Training

Awareness and knowledge will allow your staff to respond appropriately in violent situations by understanding these topics:

  • 5 types of workplace violence
  • Risk factors and indicators
  • Active shooter events
  • When the police arrive
  • Facts vs. fiction
  • Protecting your organization

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Violence Prevention
Program Development

Being prepared for workplace violence will improve outcomes for organizations victimized by violence. We can help you prepare with:

  • Verbal de-escalation training
  • Hazard assessments
  • Facility preparedness audits
  • Leadership level table top exercises
  • Policy/procedure development
  • Emergency response plans


[testimonial_slider autorotate=”9000″][testimonial name=”Diane Erpelding | Risk Manager / Safety Officer
Itasca County, Minnesota” quote=”Anytime we need expert assistance, they respond immediately. Hilmerson’s staff is professional and knowledgeable.” id=”t1″][testimonial name=”Shirley | CFO/Business Manager
International House at UC Berkeley” quote=”We now have an improved and safer training basis as a result of the walkthrough with the expert Hilmerson provided us. We will definitely call on Hilmerson in the future.” id=”t2″]

[testimonial name=”Odalys Ibarra CTE | Manager of Corporate Safety
Liz Claiborne, Inc.” quote=”We love the guardrails and gate Hilmerson installed for us. We can’t say enough about Hilmerson’s hard work and perseverance for perfection!” id=”t3″]

[testimonial name=”Richard Schreiner, CHFM
Director Facility Operation
Allina/United hospital” quote=”Highly recommend Hilmerson Safety Services, Inc. for their excellent employee health and safety consultation services.” id=”t4″]



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Be proactive and train your staff. Call us today at 952-224-9390 to schedule a FREE workplace violence consultation.